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Journal Pages 

Designed by

Nefer Khepri


All journal pages are 400 dpi scans of my original art. You receive each in 3 formats: TIFF, PNG & JPG.  The size is A5, approximately 5. 8 x 8.3″ for your journal. You can print out your purchase as often as you like with the express understanding this is my art & is not to be resold without my written consent. For online sharing of your journal pages please feel free to tag me @NeferKhepriArt, my handle on both Instagram & Facebook.

When ordering  you will receive an email from me at to which your purchased image(s) shall be attached for you to download.

Payment is processed via PayPal only.

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: two versions included, 6 images total

Full moon total eclipse watercolor         Full moon total eclipse watercolor painting with "January" handwritten

These are iphone images. The actual scans are crystal clear high quality images.  The “@NeferKhepriArt” will NOT appear on your copy of the image.

A 400 DPI scan of my original watercolor created to commemorate the Super Moon total lunar eclipse of January, 2019. You receive SEVEN (7 ) separate files:

  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • TIFF with “January” handlettered below the moon
  • PNG with “January” handlettered below the moon
  • JPG with “January” handlettered below the moon
  • BONUS: PDF with “January” handlettered below the moon. PDF will print out onto an 8 x 11 1/2″ sheet of paper, but the actual image measures A5.

You can use the unlettered page any time  you’d like to commemorate a lunar eclipse in your journal.

This can also be printed out on canvas or other high-quality paper as an art print.

Full moon total eclipse watercolor

Total Lunar Eclipse Journal Page in A5 size, 2 versions in 3 formats each

You receive a 400 DPI scan of my original “Total Lunar Eclipse” watercolor painting in A5 size for your journal. I am not yet set up with automatic downloads, so I will email you the files upon processing your payment. You receive SIX (6) files: 2 in each: TIFF, PNG & JPG of the image with and without “January” handwritten below the moon. Please allow me 24 hours to send you the files. Files will be sent to the email you have on record with PayPal within 24 hours of placing your order. These files are non-refundable due to being a digital product.


As  the artist, I retain full international copyright on the image.