Journal Pages For Download


Journal Pages 

Designed by

Nefer Khepri


All journal pages are 400 dpi scans of my original art. You receive each in 2 formats:  PDF and a Word .DOC format.

My journal pages come in the following sizes* ~

  • 7 x 10″
  • 6.25 x 9″
  • 5.5 x 8″
  • 5 x 7″
  • 4 x 6″

01 Jan left page jpg imageThese are “perpetual” planner pages, which means that you can use them for any year. There is a blank circle  under each name of the day for you to insert the number that corresponds with that year’s calendar. The name of the month appears at the top of each page. Simply download the images & then print out as many as you need for a particular month.

You can print these out as often as you like with the express understanding this is my art & is not to be resold. These pages are meant to be free for your enjoyment & personal use.

For online sharing of your journal pages please feel free to tag me @NeferKhepriArt, my handle on both Instagram & Facebook, and you may use the hashtag #NeferKhepriJournal  and #NeferKhepriPlanner.

Left refers to the left-hand side of your planner/journal, Right refers to the right-hand page, but you can always switch these around according to your personal preferences.

I have been creating “specialty” pages as well, which will be for sale very soon. The theme is “witchy,” so there is a Wheel of the Year page, a Lunar Phases, page, and there will be pages devoted to the major magical tools of the witch, plus some other cool witchy-themed pages. Follow me at The_Witchy_Crafter on Instagram or  on Facebook  for sneak peaks of the new specialty pages and information as to when they will be released. For watercolor paintings & handlettering, plus my journaling pages I invite you to follow me at Nefer Khepri Art on Instagram and/or on Facebook.

Information on how to fill in each section of the planner pages will be included when  you order the specialty pages. Pricing and subscription rates will also be announced shortly across my social media so keep your eyes on me.

Feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram to let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy these free January planner/Journaling pages.

*  Sizes listed below match overall journal size pretty closely, but you may need to trim a bit along one side for a couple of these.  All measurements are in inches.






As  the artist, I retain full international copyright on the image.

By using these journaling/planner pages you are agreeing to use them for your own personal use and not to redistribute them. Instead, direct your friends to my blog where they can download the sizes they need directly from me.

For those of you who like to know which materials I use in my projects –

Paper is Mixed Media by Strathmore Art & watercolors are handmade by Keiko of Aloha Watercolors. Pen is Micron pen in various nib sizes.

Thank you & enjoy!

~ Dr. Nefer Khepri (PhD)

Spells, Readings, Visionary Art