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I very much appreciate your interest in my artwork & I endeavor to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Please contact me at:

If you wish to order a commissioned piece, please include the following:

  • desired overall size of the image (please see my price list here)
  • subject of the image (if flowers, any specific type, etc)
  • desired color scheme
  • 1 – 3 reference photos (optional)


I do maintain a mailing list. To be added, please REQUEST it. I do not add you automatically once you have contacted me. Too many sites do that & I find it personally irritating & do not wish to do the same to you.

Those who request to be added to my mailing list will be notified 24 hours (or more) ahead of the general public when I am about to post new artwork. You will also have 24 – 48 advance notice on all sales & special discounts.

Should Outlook or the contact page fail to work for you (glitches & so on), you can reach me directly at my alternate email: