Simple Hand Lettering Project with Tombow Brush Markers

A simple graphic design project using Tombow brush markers.

This is a simple project that you can create using Tombow brush markers & gel pens.  It’s a fun project that allows you to have fun with your own  handwriting.

I bought this little journal a few days ago. I always wonder what the first page should be. It’s not unusual for us to get down on ourselves & suffer from self-doubt every once in a while. I thought it would be a good idea to reserve one journal for positive self-talk, so I began that journal with this page.

I’m not perfect,


No one is perfect, but I believe that everyone is awesome in their own way. I thought this would be a great first page for my positive self-talk journal. This is how I created it.

Step 1: Decide what you will letter & on scratch paper write it out in various configurations until you find one that you like. I went with a very simple two-line horizontal design for this page.

Step 2: Work on scratch paper to get your design to look the way you would like it to look & be sure for your final drawing on scratch paper that the size and dimensions will fit onto the size of paper in your journal.

Step 3: using carbon paper transfer your positive self-talk phrase onto the journal page.

Note: if you do not have carbon paper, no problem! Simply turn  your scratch paper over, tape it to a well-lit window so you can see your phrase showing through the paper. Then run a pencil heavily over the areas on which you have lettered on the other side. Be sure you are using the pencil on the reverse side of the paper. Don’t draw on your actual image. Once you have covered all areas on which there is writing with pencil, place the scratch paper with your phrase onto your journal page in the final orientation you wish for your phrase to have in  your journal. Then simply trace over what you have written with a pen. This will transfer the pencil on the reverse side to your journal paper exactly like a piece of carbon paper.

Step 4: After you have transferred your positive phrase to your journal page you are ready to go over it with markers and pens. I used the fine-tip end of a Tombow dual-tipped brush marker, number N25 for the block printing because I wanted to keep that part of my design looking as simple & as plain as possible.

I wrote the word “perfect” in cursive using first a pencil, then I erased it just enough so the pencil lines were barely visible, then I went over my cursive with the Tombow brush marker 636.

I decided to use 4 Tombow brush markers to color in the word, “awesome,” & I added an exclamation point so I would use each brush marker twice. I used 703, 815, 665, & 636. I then repeated the colors in the same order for the remainder of the word, including the exclamation point.

Step 5: I used a gold gel pen to carefully outline the word “perfect.”

Step 6: I used a purple gel pen to carefully outline the word, “awesome.”

Step 7: I next used a white gel pen to add some small accents within individual letters, which completed my first entry for my new “positive self-talk” journal.

Small hand-tooled genuine leather journal.This is what the cover of the journal looks like, in case you’d like to know. If you are wondering about the watercolor galaxy, I used a small piece of Canson XL Watercolor paper, 140 lb, cold-pressed. I cut it down to size & then painted the watercolor galaxy using Kuretake Gansai Tanbi watercolors. I then used a Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue applicator to glue the page onto the inside of the journal cover. I then used a white gel pen to add the stars.

Have fun & send me a picture of the first page of your “Positive Self-Talk” journal.


Tombow Dual Brush Pen, choice of colors

Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue

Kuretake Gansai Tanbi watercolors




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